Waters Farm- Sutton, MA
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The Cultivator - Official Publication of Waters Farm

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If you visit Waters Farm during Fall Farm Days and take note of the license plates in the parking lot, it is evident that members, volunteers and supporters come from all across the country.

Waters Farm’s own newsletter the “Cultivator”, is published in order to keep in touch with all the farm’s friends. Three to five times a year we mail this publication to nearly 800 homes throughout the United States.  Started in 1990 by Shirley Whitney, she wrote in the first issue: “Welcome to the Cultivator. We hope this small newsletter will ‘cultivate’ your interest and activities in Waters Farm.”

“The Cultivator” was chosen because a “cultivator” can be someone or something (a tool) that nurtures, promotes, and develops. The Waters Farm “Cultivator” tries to do the same as it promotes the farm through informational articles and stories about upcoming events and ongoing projects. It fosters and nurtures a sense of history and pride in the Waters family and their accomplishments and in the region as a whole through stories, anecdotes, historical articles and information. It develops and informs the volunteers, members and supporters of the farm through notices of meetings, programs, projects and grants and lists of ongoing needs.

We hope that you enjoy receiving your copy of the “Cultivator” and that you will consider submitting articles and stories of interest for possible publication.  Please contact Ken Kelley at Ken.Kelley@watersfarm.com   with your comments, stories and suggestions for future articles.